Daily Archives: 08/17/2003

Cringely’s Pulpit

Robert Cringely puts out an interesting editorial on outsourcing in the IT world. What really caught my eye though, was the paragraphs he devotes to the problems of getting Macintosh and OS X accepted in the workplace. Macs are just as powerful at Windows or Linux, offer powerful capabilities built into BSD Unix, are actually easier to use on a network, and are definitely easier for the end users to operate. He attributes the lackluster sales to the “IT Department Full Employment Act” – IT professionals aren’t going to recommend a computer that will eliminate the need for their jobs now are they? It’s in the IT staff’s interest to deploy buggy software like Windows, or impossibly complex software like Linux. The install systems that maintain their priestly condition, hierophants to the digital pantheon. Interesting idea.

Whale Rider

Just got back from watching Whale Rider with Dianne and the family Hendricks. It was definitely the best movie I’ve seen all year. It lived up to my expectations and more. That young girl, Keisha Castle-Hughes, really knocked one out of the ballpark with her performance. She carried the weight of that film on her shoulders, really portraying the strength and fragility of this little girl. Wow. I highly recommend this movie.

And if you live on Guam, hurry up and see this movie. I don’t imagine it will last very long at the movie theaters. There was maybe ten people in the theater today, including the five of us. It’s not exactly the kind of thing that plays on Guam for very long. Let’s face it, it won’t draw in the crowds here: Nothing explodes, there’s no sex, no car chases, and no crude humor.

Blackout Sufferers Take Note

This time every year my thoughts turn to Kubota Diesel Generators, an excellent diesel generator that runs whisper quiet and supplies ample amounts of electricity to power an entire home. The neighbor up the street installed one after Typhoon Chata’an last year, and he certainly got his money’s worth out of it after Typhoon Pongsana. The power was out over two months here on Chalan Ayuyu, and Mr. Taitano’s house was brilliantly lit every night. We were all seething with envy during the gasoline shortage immediately after the typhoon too, because diesel supplies were unaffected by the fuel dump fire. While we sweltered in darkness, his Kubota purred along all night powering his air conditioner, refrigerator, lights and television.

Of course the thing costs over $13,000, but it’s worth it. Besides, Morrico, the local dealer for Kubota, offers excellent service and repair options.

I mention this because I read Paul Boutin’s article at Slate about the joys of owning a backup generator for power outages. When he quoted $2100 for a 2.5 kW generator, I about choked on my breakfast. That guy got fleeced. Morrico sells a rock-solid 6.5 kW gasoline generator for $2150. And that’s ridiculously expensive. After Chata’an, Dianne bought a 5.5 kW Porter-Cable gasoline generator for $600, plus shipping. If all you need is to run a few light bulbs or a fan, I’d suggest getting a power inverter for the car, which changes the 12 volt DC power into AC for the household appliances to use. It’s good for a temporary solution, which is all most people will ever need.

I’m off to the movies now, perhaps I’ll write more about alternative power sources like solar and fuel cells this evening.

Rainy Sunday

The rain came last night about 1:00 a.m. A driving downpour that lasted almost an hour. It tapered off, but the rains continue through today.

Looks like a good day to go to the movies…

For some reason The Matrix: Reloaded got pulled from Hafa Adai theaters. Maybe the projector broke or something. But that okay, because Whale Rider here I come.