Bon Voyage

I am heading out on vacation tonight. 10 days in New Zealand. I promise to take lots of pictures for show and tell. I might even find time to make a couple posts up here. I doubt it though.

True to form, a storm is brewing out east of Guam. It is expected to pass south of the island on Sunday, but the true direction of the storm is still sketchy. I hope it doesn’t hit. It will certainly make me anxious the next couple nights.

Speaking of anxious, my father had another hip replacement surgery on Monday. I was rather worried about him, he’s 82 now and major invasive surgery isn’t exactly easy. But I talked to my mom and he is doing fine. He even walked 20 feet today with help from the nurses. She expects him home on Friday. Good luck Dad!

That’s about it. I’ll try and make a couple posts when I am in Auckland.

Esta Gupa!