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I’m actually surprised I pulled this one out of my ass. Dianne asked me tonight where the phrase, “Damn the torpedoes” came from. It took me about five seconds to pull the answer out of my skull. Admiral Farragut said that during the Civil War, the Battle of Mobile Bay. Damn, I’m good. Did I happen to mention Quiz Nite is coming up next week? I’m gunning for top honors this time around.

Months of speculation are at an end. Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko will visit Saipan next month. The imperial couple will visit the Northern Marianas from June 27th to June 28th. Their visit will be to honor the war dead on the island and pray for peace on the 60th anniversary of World War II.

I’m not a huge fan of Slate, but I do enjoy the occassional article. The current top bill on the site is a forthright explanation of the how’s and why’s of a big studio blockbuster: How To Finance a Hollywood Blockbuster. Basically it is easier to make money off a crappy big name fiasco like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider than to craft a small budget art flick like Sideways. Shadow companies, tax loopholes and subsidies make it easier to produce big budget pieces of crap instead of quality movies. How depressing.

Here’s a little bit of ‘news of the weird’ from our own little corner of the world: Police are investigating a woman who performed black magic on a Superior Court Judge’s seat in Saipan. The woman was caught on video entering the empty courtroom and pouring a dark liquid on the Judge Juan Lizama’s seat, calendar and microphone. As the Saipan Tribune puts it,

Superstitious practices that persist in the Northern Marianas believe that a type of black magic may inflict pain on the person who gets in contact with the substance. It is also believed to put the person under a magic spell, controlling his decisions.
Court marshals accosted the woman while she was still in the courthouse, and actually found her murmuring chants and surreptitiously touching the judge’s back. It looks like a guy facing a traffic citation asked her to hex the judge and sway the court in his favor.

Via CB: “Another sad chapter in the history if the US economy. The inovative Japanese automakers feel sorry for the lazy Americans so they are going to help them get better to avoid being strong armed later.

Maybe if the US didnt spend so much time and effort designing bombs and other agressive weaponry we wouldnt have this problem?”

Yahoo! News – Toyota Exec Urges Japan Cos. to Up Prices

Didn’t I mention a fascination with our own fiery destruction not too long ago? Here’s a perfect example: The Guardian’s What a way to go outlines ten possible annihilation scenarios for civilization, ranging from nuclear war to freak black holes consuming the planet.