Online Map Creation

That post about the volcano in the South Sandwich Isles sparked off a little link exploration that led me to these two very cool resources for online map creation. Yes, you can create maps online in a web browser and save them to your hard drive.

  • Online Map Creation – This website provides a web form interface for the Generic Mapping Tools collection, an open source mapping package. It makes cool maps, which can be downloaded as a web graphic or a PostScript file, but the interface could be a bit off-putting to the casual user.
  • planiglobe – this upgraded site seems to work a little faster, and it has a user friendly interface. Again the output can be either a web friendly graphic or a high resolution PostScript file.

Let’s just say both sites offer me hours of web-surfin’, time-wastin’ fun. This map of my home island was created using the planiglobe website. I just outputted the map as a PNG file and stuck it up here.
Guam - map by under a creative commons license