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    Thomas and Readers,

    Hafa Adai! Someone from Guam, USA, needs to call this guy. We need to get our tiny little Pacific island represented:

    “The Luke Johnson Phone Experiment”


    About the Luke Johnson Phone Experiment:

    Luke Johnson Phone Experiment
    (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    LukeThe Luke Johnson Phone Experiment was started by 27 year-old Arizona resident Luke Johnson. On September 18, 2006, Luke posted a self-made video on YouTube inviting the world to call him on his cell phone. The stated purpose of the experiment is to see how many people will call someone they have never met.

    Since the inception of the experiment, Luke has received calls from around the planet. As of February 16, 2007 he has 100,000 telephone calls. Owing to the popularity of his experiment, Luke has been featured on CNN, NPR, the Art Fennell show, several local news channels, as well as a number of national and international newspapers, magazines, and radio stations. Luke has even been offered a role as pitchman for Cricket Communications, as well as other opportunities. The sheer volume of calls received has tempted Luke to terminate the experiment several times, but he claims that each time he’s had his doubts, he’s found a way to persevere.

    Luke Johnson also created the Luke and Tadd Show.

    His phone number is 602-435-3694

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luke_Johnson_Phone_Experiment


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