Palauan Hobbits

This one is just too cool to pass up. After evidence of small bodied humans appeared in Indonesia a few years ago, I got a series of comments regarding duendes, the mythical little people on Guam. I discounted them at first, but now little people just got a whole lot closer. Anthropologists uncovered two caves […]

Homo floresiensis – Maybe Not A Hobbit After All

Anthropology is such a contentious field. This whole brouhaha over Homo floresiensis is just typical of the sometimes rather bitter debate over human origins. The story was reignited this week with the release of a paper in the journal Science. A team from the Field Museum in Chicago stated that the only explanation for the […]

Hobbits Again

So Homo floresiensis is back in the news again, with more fossil remains described by the archaeologists that announced the shocking dwarf species last year. They describe fossils from nine individuals found in the cave, all sharing similar features and spanning 80,000 years of habitation. To me, 80,000 years of dwarf fossils kind of crushes […]

The Hobbit War

Reading Carl Zimmer’s excellent web log, The Loom, I came across an interesting post about the controversy surrounding Homo floresiensis, the diminutive “hobbit” hominid described by a group of Australian paleontologists last October. Seems a prominent Indonesian anthropologist received the fossils in his lab and the Australians are now accusing him of locking the bones […]

links for 2008-09-02

NuScale Power and Hyperion Power Generation – Nuclear Power Systems That Are Not “Extra Large” : CleanTechnica (tags: nuclear power alternative energy technology sustainability environment) WorldChanging: Mapping the World's Renewable Energy Potential (tags: alternative energy wind power sun solar sustainability economics) Inhabitat » Seattle’s Stunning Mount Baker Residence (tags: modern architecture housing alternative cool) Modern […]

links for 2008-03-14

Nuclear Power for Galena, Alaska i hate to say it, but this sounds like something for guam (tags: nuclear energy toshiba alternative interesting) GPA plan puts wind power on island grid so gpa finally wants to investigate harnessing wind power for guam? too little too late, but props to them for at least planning for […]

links for 2008-03-13

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Island find stirs Hobbit debate (tags: anthropology biology palau micronesia) Hot Funds for a Sizzling Climate (tags: alternative energy sustainability investment economics industry) (tags: architecture magazine environment design culture business modern)

links for 2008-03-12

Afarensis: Small Bodied Humans From Palau (tags: palau micronesia anthropology biology) PLoS ONE: Small-Bodied Humans from Palau, Micronesia a palauan hobbit! just like the ones from indonesia! holy smokes, will duendes be next? (tags: palau micronesia anthropology biology)

Monday Link-O-Rama

Time for a Link-O-Rama of stuff I’ve come across in the last week or so. It’s mostly science related stuff, with a couple political stories tossed into the mix. Enjoy. The Condor And The Whale – It’s kind of grisly, but also pretty cool: Check out these California condor’s picking on the washed up corpse […]

Art & Science Link-A-Palooza

Got a lot of cool links to mention in a short span of time, so let’s jump right into it! The First Biplanes Were Dinosaurs – Here’s a neat little dino-fact. Looks like the first flying dinosaurs actually had two sets of wings that they used to glide from tree to tree. Take that Wright […]

Small Brain Sandwich

A couple developments in the Indonesian ‘hobbit’ announce last year, homo floresiensis. First the Indonesian anthropologist keeping the bones in his university vault, Teuku Jacob, released the fossils to the team of Australian anthropologists that discovered the diminutive hominid last year. Jacob returned the bones after allowing two other multi-regionalists examine the fossils, with a […]

Homo floresiensis

Wow, just when I thought the Titan flyby would be the big science news of the week, this bombshell is released in the next issue of the journal Nature about the discovery of a new species of hominid, Homo floresiensis, on the Indonesian island of Flores. While any new hominid would be a major event, […]

New Zealand Trip – Part Two

Time for more photos from the land of the Kiwis! Last time I posted pictures from the first few days of my trip, in and around Auckland. This time we leave the city and head south into the countryside for a little road trip. Tuesday, November 25 Woke up with a bit of a hangover. […]

Return Of The King

I caught the opening day for Return of the King. The wait is over, it is a great movie. A vivid realization of Tolkien’s world and the climactic battle between good and evil in Middle Earth. I read a couple reviews of the movie and decided to hazard the crowds. It was great. I only […]

Frodo’s Toilet

Keeping with the New Zealand related theme, here is the place we visited on Wednesday. New Zealand News – NZ – Matamata farm owner creates hobbit-hole toilet.

More on Tolkien

I read through the appendices for The Lord of the Rings tonight, something I have never fully accomplished. In particular, the section concerning languages caught my eye. I skimmed the parts pertaining to the Elvish languages, but what really caught my eye was when Tolkien started talking about how the story was ‘translated’ from the […]