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So I got the G3 to work over the weekend.

I still can’t seem to get my other blog, over on, to work properly. Hell, I can’t get it to work at all. I was in Startec+PCI’s offices today extending my DSL contract, and I asked a tech support guy what he thought of the problem. He took my business card and promised to look into the problem for me. I hope to hear something in a day or two. If not, I will call again and see if anybody knows what’s going on. I suspect that because blogger is trying to access the ftp account from the outside, netpci is bouncing the request back to blogger’s servers. I can access the ftp account from within my home because it’s within the trusted domain of – at least that is my suspicion. hmm


I am typing this from my G3 and it works again. I am pretty psyched about this development. Now if I could just get that damn Gateway machine to boot up…



I did it! The G3 is back up and running once again. I am happy happy happy.



I am not sure what to do. My G3 refuses to come to life for me. I am torn. I don’t know if I should continue to invest time and money into my Macintosh. If money was not object, I’d probably purchase a new G4 tower. But I won’t. Money is rather tight right now. More importantly I don’t know if I want to continue using the Mac. I’ve been using my Windows machine for the last 5 months and I haven’t really had any complaints. I do most of my work on PC’s now, and my interests are gravitating towards Linux. I feel like it is not worth the effort to resurrect this machine just for email and a couple games. I don’t know what else to do. New power supply, new voltage regulator, new motherboard, and still everything does not work. I’d like to get it working again, but the law of diminishing returns is starting to apply here.


Crap! Aftershocks are rumbling across the island. Just had one about a minute ago. God that sucks. Scares the hell out of me.


This is another post

I am checking out some more html codes.

I like this. I might have to get more serious about this blog.

And more testing


There was an earthquake last night. A big one. Shortly after 2:05 am, a 7.2 earthquake struck my island. This is the second time in six months that a large earthquake has struck in the middle of the night, following a 7.0 temblor that shook Guam in October 2001. Last night’s quake sent dishes and plates crashing in my house, moved my refrigerator about four feet before dumping its contents on the kitchen floor and broke a number of other things before plunging my home and the rest of Guam into darkness. I can think of nothing worse than these nocturnal earthquakes. They are absolutely terrifying.

But I should thank God no major damage occurred. Buildings on Guam are designed to withstand super typhoons, and the reinforced cement block construction holds up pretty well against earthquakes as well. I think the fact that Guam is an island helps as well. It just bounces and jostles around in the ocean instead of grinding up against a continent or other large immovable mass.

As a testimony to that fact, the power was restored this morning shortly before 10:00 am. That is some kind of record for the Power Authority crews. I congratulate them on a job well done.


My buddy Chris suggests my problems with the motherboard on the Mac are related to a grounding problem. Thinking back, I was concerned about a particular screw last night. Maybe I need to open up the box and check that. I’ll also check that the ROM is seated properly

It’s been a busy day. My afternoon meeting was productive, but I am afraid it’s left my brain a little addled. I am taking a breather right now, trying to collect my thoughts before I proceed.

I won a raffle for a Filipino Lunch Buffet at the Holiday Inn today. It was okay; I never would have sampled the menu otherwise. I don’t think the food was terribly tasty, and I was tempted to just go eat Thai instead, but hey – a free lunch is a free lunch. I’m burping up onions and garlic now, there was a type of salsa that was heavy on the garlic. I ate it with my adobo. I guess I should have gone a little easier on it. Maybe I should drink a Mountain Dew, that’ll cut through anything!


Well, it’s been a busy evening. And all my endeavours met with failure. Just lovely.

  • I am attempting to set up a blog over on my netPCI site. It refuses to work correctly, so I imagine a call to tech support/customer service tomorrow is in order. I suspect some condition of the ftp server software is blocking from logging in. The error message say no input/output streams were available. However CuteFTP logs in with no problems. I am stumped.
  • My motherboard for my G3 arrived today and I installed it. My Macintosh now has all new innards: new power supply, new voltage regulator, new motherboard. After all this time and money, I’ve managed to create a big beige fan. It powers on (at long last), but there is no “bong” of a Mac starting up. No video either, and I can’t hear the hard drive spin up. The fan on the power supply comes on though. It does this with a soft power up from the keyboard, as well at the power switch on the front of the tower (which shouldn’t work). Something is wrong here too, I suspect the ROM chip isn’t socketed correctly. I’ll pull it apart tomorrow and take another look at it.
  • Two of the things I was supposed to finish at work today got stalled. I guess I will be busy playing catch up tomorrow. That always sucks. Especially tomorrow since I am chairing a two – three hour meeting in the afternoon. That leaves me only the morning.

Anyway that’s all I got to grumble about this evening. I am off to bed now. I paddled hard after work today and I am bushed.


I mentioned the wonderful tomatos I got yesterday. That same person showed up at my house last night with a trunkload of tomato and watermelon that she boxed up for me. I was taken aback by her generosity. The night before she is flying off island on vacation, she takes the time to harvest this produce, box it, and personally deliver it to my doorstep. When I asked her why she came by at almost 10:00 p.m. to deliver this stuff, she just said that she had promised to bring some more fresh tomatos and watermelon when we where talking that morning. It just blows me away that she followed up so thoroughly on an offhand comment that was made yesterday morning. I didn’t expect to see more tomatos for a few weeks, maybe the middle of next month (if at all). What she did was really cool.


Well, I think I got a handle on blogging and how to set up a template the way I like. My next step will be to convert my netPCI site over to a blog and adapt one of these blogger templates for my own personal use. A friend was so impressed with the ease of this setup and blogging process she signed up at blogger as well. I guess that is a powerful testimonial about how easy and powerful this home brew blog publishing can be. I know I am enjoying it.

I certainly like the ability to post messages from work to my site. I imagine that sooner or later the corporate I.T. bloodhounds will figure out what is going on and shut down access. I guess I can’t really blame them since this isn’t exactly work related, but I don’t see anybody cracking down on people reading the newspaper, or using the phone for personal calls. And Lord knows there are enough people around here that don’t really do any work at all but collect nice salaries for hanging out and making a few phone calls.


I am now writing this from a G3 Macintosh. The interface is roughly the same as that using a non Internet Explorer browser. That means some of the buttons and features are not available. However, the regular html codes works just fine. Bold, italic, links, they all seem to work using hand coded html.



Fresh tomatos. A co-worker just delivered the fruits of her garden to me. Fresh tomatos, delicious honey-yellow watermelon. It makes me want to start a garden. It is such a treat to get fresh, vine ripened tomatos on Guam. The things they sell in the stores that they call tomatos have all the taste of a styrofoam box.


Oh, the semi-annual pledge drive has started for my favorite radio station, KPRG. In fact, they are the only radio station I listen to. If you want to make a contribution call 671 734 8930 or visit their web page.


It is Saturday night. I am cooking my dinner. I think the time has come to investigate this blogger thing more thoroughly.

In case you didn’t check the link on the other site this is my other site


And now I am back at home and testing different browsers and the Blogger interface. It seems to work the best in Internet Explorer. I am not sure how it will perform on the Macintosh though. I will test that tomorrow.


Here is a test post from work. I wonder if it will go outside of the corporate firewall?


This area is just a text field in my browser. I type and press publish and the stuff appears magically.

The links on the right hand side where manually entered by me into the template… Every time I press publish, my entire customized template is sent via ftp to the kuentos web server, along with the latest posting (this one). This area supports all the usual html goodies:

  • Lists
  • Links
  • Bold Face
  • Italics

And other stuff I suppose