Daily Archives: 04/17/2002


And now I am back at home and testing different browsers and the Blogger interface. It seems to work the best in Internet Explorer. I am not sure how it will perform on the Macintosh though. I will test that tomorrow.


Here is a test post from work. I wonder if it will go outside of the corporate firewall?


This area is just a text field in my browser. I type and press publish and the stuff appears magically.

The links on the right hand side where manually entered by me into the template… Every time I press publish, my entire customized template is sent via ftp to the kuentos web server, along with the latest posting (this one). This area supports all the usual html goodies:

  • Lists
  • Links
  • Bold Face
  • Italics

And other stuff I suppose


Alright. That seems to have fixed my problem. Let’s publish this and check out the results


Well, it looks like I have things finally figured out. I hope it continues to appeal to me.