Well, I think I got a handle on blogging and how to set up a template the way I like. My next step will be to convert my netPCI site over to a blog and adapt one of these blogger templates for my own personal use. A friend was so impressed with the ease of this setup and blogging process she signed up at blogger as well. I guess that is a powerful testimonial about how easy and powerful this home brew blog publishing can be. I know I am enjoying it.

I certainly like the ability to post messages from work to my site. I imagine that sooner or later the corporate I.T. bloodhounds will figure out what is going on and shut down access. I guess I can’t really blame them since this isn’t exactly work related, but I don’t see anybody cracking down on people reading the newspaper, or using the phone for personal calls. And Lord knows there are enough people around here that don’t really do any work at all but collect nice salaries for hanging out and making a few phone calls.