Well, it’s been a busy evening. And all my endeavours met with failure. Just lovely.

  • I am attempting to set up a blog over on my netPCI site. It refuses to work correctly, so I imagine a call to tech support/customer service tomorrow is in order. I suspect some condition of the ftp server software is blocking blogger.com from logging in. The error message say no input/output streams were available. However CuteFTP logs in with no problems. I am stumped.
  • My motherboard for my G3 arrived today and I installed it. My Macintosh now has all new innards: new power supply, new voltage regulator, new motherboard. After all this time and money, I’ve managed to create a big beige fan. It powers on (at long last), but there is no “bong” of a Mac starting up. No video either, and I can’t hear the hard drive spin up. The fan on the power supply comes on though. It does this with a soft power up from the keyboard, as well at the power switch on the front of the tower (which shouldn’t work). Something is wrong here too, I suspect the ROM chip isn’t socketed correctly. I’ll pull it apart tomorrow and take another look at it.
  • Two of the things I was supposed to finish at work today got stalled. I guess I will be busy playing catch up tomorrow. That always sucks. Especially tomorrow since I am chairing a two – three hour meeting in the afternoon. That leaves me only the morning.

Anyway that’s all I got to grumble about this evening. I am off to bed now. I paddled hard after work today and I am bushed.