Daily Archives: 04/25/2002


My buddy Chris suggests my problems with the motherboard on the Mac are related to a grounding problem. Thinking back, I was concerned about a particular screw last night. Maybe I need to open up the box and check that. I’ll also check that the ROM is seated properly

It’s been a busy day. My afternoon meeting was productive, but I am afraid it’s left my brain a little addled. I am taking a breather right now, trying to collect my thoughts before I proceed.

I won a raffle for a Filipino Lunch Buffet at the Holiday Inn today. It was okay; I never would have sampled the menu otherwise. I don’t think the food was terribly tasty, and I was tempted to just go eat Thai instead, but hey – a free lunch is a free lunch. I’m burping up onions and garlic now, there was a type of salsa that was heavy on the garlic. I ate it with my adobo. I guess I should have gone a little easier on it. Maybe I should drink a Mountain Dew, that’ll cut through anything!