Daily Archives: 05/10/2002


Quitting time is coming. I can’t wait. I don’t intend to skip out early, in fact I plan on working late. I just happen to prefer the office when nobody else is around and I can concentrate. Right now I can hear three or four different conversations going on, phones ringing, faxes emitting snarls of white noise, printers humming and all the other distractions. It drives me nuts because I am trying to concentrate.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to vent. I guess I am just a misanthrope at heart.


It’s been a busy week at work. Things are in full swing and I think I am starting to fall behind in my tasks. I will endeavour to persevere though.

I’ve been looking at OddPost, a cool web based email client that sure pushes the limit of explorer. My main interest in this email service is that fact that Pacificare’s web filtering proxy server doesn’t block this address yet, like it does for Yahoo mail and the other free portal sites.

Oh, and I am still contemplating that Alpha computer. Maybe in a few months though.