Here’s a little story with a motto.

My water heater has been acting up lately. Since I share the water heater with my landlady’s unit next door, I let her know. She agreed and went shopping for a new hot water heater last week.

I came home last Thursday and saw the old water heater sitting in the carport. I popped my head into the house and sure enough, a new water heater was installed. Cool. But this new water heater looked odd. It was all dented and a little rusty on one side. I asked my landlady about it, and she said she bought this unit because it was cosmetically damaged but still worked just fine. And it was offered at a steep discount.

Well, over the weekend I still had no hot water. Every time I mentioned this to my landlady she said the damn pilot kept going out. So I kept relighting the pilot. I probably relit the stupid thing five times over the weekend, and still I had no hot water. I grumbled some more, and she agreed to call the company on Monday.

Yesterday morning (Monday) I was walking out to work when she grabbed me. “I’ve found out why the water heater keeps going out,” she announced. “It’s full of rats.”