Monthly Archives: July 2002


Things are returning to normal on Guam. My power was restored last Thursday, water service has been good, and my cable tv came back on Wednesday night. That first night back with the air conditioning was a very good thing. It has been so hot and muggy the past two weeks, not a breath of wind. Rainy season sure arrived early this year. People are blaming it on el Ni�o.

I cleared most of the remaining debris from the yard last weekend, though I still have some wood that I need to burn. I decided to burn the bougainvillea rather than carry it out. The thorns are vicious on those things. I couldn’t believe the amount of email that was piled up from ten days of not checking it. And most of that was spam. It is really getting out of control. I can’t imagine that anyone ever responds to those things.

Anyway, here are some useful links to storm related sites. By far the most useful is the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, a naval outfit that actually handles all the storm forecasting for the Pacific and Indian Oceans. But another good site is the National Weather Service – Tiyan Office, which has a really good doppler radar image loop. That was instrumental in the hours leading up to the storm. Watching the approaching typhoon I knew it was going to be bad.

Tomorrow morning I am coming in to move my computer and files into a new office. I hope it doesn’t take too long.

Just finished listening to Baka’s Baka Beyond and starting Keola Beamer’s Mauna Kea, White Mountain Journal in the CD player. Nothing like a little slack key on a rainy Friday afternoon.


Well typhoon Chata’an struck Guam early Friday morning and lashed the island with wind up to 110 knots. It was a tough storm. Many lost their houses, the power grid was demolished, phones are intermittent, water is sketchy and failing. Yesterday another typhoon passed Guam, the second in five days. Typhoon Ha Long passed 60 miles south of Guam, but the winds were still fierce and caused further damage. Today is the first time I actually sat down in front of a computer in a week. Our office at work suffered moderate water damage when a section of the roof was torn off. We had to relocate the entire building’s staff into temporary quarters while management searches for a new location for our offices. I am currently ensconced in an empty exam room with two others from my department. This area is full of people, but we are better off than some departments. Four entire departments got shoehorned into one little store front over the weekend. It looks like a can of human sardines in there. The power is expected to be off for 6 – 8 weeks while the power crews restring lines and test circuits. Not cool. I am looking into purchasing a gas backup generator for my place. Suffice to say these items are in short supply right now and demand is high.

Back to work now… It’s actually satisfying to do my job instead of all the shit labor moving furniture and files or clearing out my backyard. Besides I am in air conditioning here.


There is a typhoon gunning straight for Guam. It should hit Friday afternoon, which makes for a lousy weekend. Time to go pull out the typhoon shutters and get all the crap outside in the house.