Monthly Archives: August 2002


The rain finally stopped today, a little before noon. I was ecstatic. I went down to the beach and took a long walk in the sunshine.

Of course it couldn’t last. It just started raining again – a wet, drizzling rainfall. It looks like it will continue into the night.


Still raining. It never ends.

I am looking at a three day weekend, and that is a good thing. Too bad the rain shows no sign of letting up. It will stop someday – in January.

Woke up this morning with Sadie curled up next to me. She’s a sweet little kitty, I do like having her around. I just wish I had a dog too. I had the chance to take Miles when Mel first found him, and I passed it up. My mistake.

Hey, let’s try inserting a picture into this blog:
Me on my lanai
Let’s see if this works.


I just purchased tickets from L.A. to St. Louis over the internet. It was a cheap price and I got 2,000 bonus miles for making the purchase online. This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve bought tickets off the internet.

I’ve lost count of how many things I purchase online. Seems like most everything. Books, music, hardware, software, computers, food, gift certificates, stuffed animals, toys, car reservations, plane tickets, pr0n, just about anything and everything. I’ve do my banking online, I applied for and pay my credit cards online. I buy stocks and manage my 401k portfolio online. It is an integral part of my life. I could not be who I am without the internet. Life on this island would be quite meager indeed without the wonder of online shopping.

Last year for Christmas I got a couple people in my family gift certificates from Amazon and a couple other online places. They both expressed well fear and disappointment that I got them something they would have to redeem online. They both asked the same question: Is it safe? Is it safe?? That was a good question to ask in 1994, but in today’s world it marks my kindred as 21st century Luddites. I was leery of placing orders online many years ago too; in fact the first couple orders I placed I paid by check. But the delays in shipping to Guam proved too great, and I switched to online transactions. Now I don’t think twice about placing an order online – hell I prefer the internet to 1-800 numbers. Especially since many companies use convicts as their customer service reps. Giving my credit card number to an incarcerated felon makes me nervous, not using 128 bit encrypted SSL over the internet.


As promised, I found information on a NASA website concerning lightning rates. They got a satellite that measures this stuff. There appears to be a strong correlation between upward convection and lightning flashes. And climatic activity over the oceans is markedly lacking in this upward convection. Hence I am not crazy, lightning really does flash more rarely on Guam than on the mainland.

Why the sudden upsurge in lightning around Guam? That’s a mystery to me still.


Lightning and thunder. Again today the lightning and thunder. It is very unusual for Guam to get so much lightning. This unusual weather started almost two weeks ago. It rarely thunders on Guam, even during the height of rainy season. Some unusual atmospheric conditions must be to blame. I am going to search about on the internet and see if I can get an answer to this question. Or perhaps I will seek the answer to the question’s opposite: Why is there usually so little lightning and thunder on Guam.


I downgraded to Mozilla 1.0 after a couple hours last night. The program just wouldn’t close properly. Everytime I tried to exit the Mozilla it would close, but when I tried to restart the program I got nowhere. A quick look in the task manager revealed that Mozilla was still running behind the scenes. Trying to close this faceless incarnation of Mozilla resulted in a blue screen of death. Once, twice, three times and I was tired of that behavior. I uninstalled 1.1 and reinstalled 1.0. Sometimes it’s just better to ride behind the curve.

Today is another gloomy, wet and depressing day on Guam. I know this is the rainy season, but I am tired of the rain. I crave the sun, I want an absence of mud and mold and puddles. I feel like I am living in Seattle or something.


Just downloaded Mozilla 1.1 for my Dell and my Mac. Looks good. My hats off to the volunteers in this project.

And let me say that this ergonomic keyboard on my Dell just sucks.


Just finished up my lunch with this tasty new hot sauce I stumbled upon: Emeril’s Kick It Up Green Pepper Sauce. Basically it’s the same thing as Tabasco’s Green Pepper Sauce. Both are made from jalape�os and are more zesty than hot. Justs adds a little zip to anything you put it on.

I like hot sauces, most everything I eat is flavored with either Tabasco or some other hot sauce. My current favorites are from Dave’s. Dave’s Insanity Sauce is one righteous hot sauce. I generally have a number of hot sauces going at one time. A really hot one like Dave’s Insanity Sauce, Tabasco, and a milder one, usually a chipotle sauce like Mo’ Hotta Mo’ Betta’s Chipotle Adobo Sauce or the jalape�o sauce I originally mentioned. I love the stuff on pizza.

A couple weeks ago I came across another hot sauce I need to add to my collection, Quest for Fire Hot Sauce. I would actually call this sauce a marinade or bbq sauce. I think I need to get a jar and marinade some short ribs in this wondrous concoction. A good smoky flavor, with just a bit of lip smacking heat.

God, I’m getting hungry again!


The singer William Warfield died on Sunday in Chicago. He was probably best known for singing “Old Man River” from Show Boat. At least to me. He also defined the title role in Porgy and Bess, had a successful opera career and was a professor of music at Northwestern. He was 82. Seems like the radio has been alive with his music the past couple days. It is a rousing thing to listen to William Warfield singing Aaron Copeland’s version of “Simple Gifts.”


I don’t know how to process it. This summer has been awash in kidnappings and brutal slaying of young girls by psychopaths and homeless. Is there a plague of demons this summer, or is this just the latest media frenzy? Last summer it seemed like every week the media was reporting a new shark attack, this year every week brings another abduction or murder. Some part of me suspects a purpose in these reports, like drumming up support for those new implantable identification tags. But that is simply too fantastical to believe.


Oh that’s better. I closed off the vent into this room. It’s getting a little stuffy, but it sure ain’t cold anymore!


Good God. Last week it was stifling in this building, today I am freezing. Positively freezing. I guess all the rain and cool temperatures outside have something to do with it. I sure wish I was wearing a sweatshirt or something right now.

I finally located my date book/planner yesterday in a box. It got misplaced during last month’s move. A quick review of the past couple weeks brought up several birthdays and anniversaries I missed. So today a batch of belated greeting cards is going out. My mistake. I apologize to everyone. It won’t happen again – I put all the dates into my Psion so it won’t happen again. Every relative, every friend, every wedding and anniversary is now recorded.

Funny how I can have multiple computers, scheduling programs, pda’s, and a desk calendar; yet still miss birthdays. Clueless I guess.


Just finished listening to a round of cd’s on the stereo. Started off with a burned mix of mp3’s from – one of the perks of premium membership. Followed up with the Fiona Apple’s second album, When the Pawn… something or other. Finished the trio of music with a Bobby McFerrin and Yo Yo Ma collaboration, Hush. The last album did wonders to soothe my pounding headache, or maybe it was laying down and reading quietly for about an hour that did it.


Monday’s always feel so busy. But today it is especially so. Time to take quick break and update on the old blog though.

Ah the magic fingers of Vince Guaraldi. Just what I needed to hear on this afternoon. Lightens my mood and makes the work easier.


Gone off on a bit of a cooking spree this weekend. Gone domestic you might say. Whipped up a tasty salad on Thursday, lasagne on Friday, chicken cordon bleu with rice pilaf on Saturday and tonight was a hearty stew with fresh home-made onion bread. I have quite a bit of food in the fridge now, which will supply me with a number of nice lunches for the next week. That should stretch the old budget a bit.


Post layoff analysis…

All the managers that survived yesterday took a pay cut. My boss made it clear that more of the supervisory stuff would be falling on me know that he has four times as many people to command. In a way I think this is kind of cool. While I certainly feel sorry for those that lost their jobs yesterday, facts are times are tough on Guam right now. And looking at it, they kept all the people that are actually doing all the work. I can positively say that a couple of the folks let go on Friday were total dead wood that should have been let go years ago. One of the women let go yesterday served absolutely no purpose in the company, none. She collected a paycheck and sat in her nice office doing nothing all day.

On a lighter note, I sat through my first fantasy football draft this morning. I signed up with a bunch of other guys that do this thing yearly. Time for me to give it a go. I more than vindicated myself in the draft, signing up a well balanced roster of guys that should do me proud as the season progresses.

After the draft I went to the movies with a friend and checked out Signs with Mel Gibson. Pretty good flick, though I was a expecting an alien invasion movie. It was, but the movie wasn’t about aliens at all, it was about God. And faith. The Lord works in mysterious ways – that’s what this movie was about. I thought the ending was weaker too. But all in all, it was an enjoyable way to pass the afternoon.