Daily Archives: 08/08/2002


Oh yeah, today marks the nine year anniversary of the big earthquake. August 8, 1993; an 8.1 temblor shook Guam silly. I was here that day and I will never forget it.


I am troubled. I have things to do tomorrow at work – lots of things. Mostly boring meetings, but some work is needed before I go into these meetings. But I also have special dispensation to take Friday off and relax since last week was a BITCH and I worked like crazy. I know if I stay home tomorrow I will feel guilty – at least for a while. So should I stay home and play hookie or come into work and be bored and pissed off that I came into work on a day I could have taken off? Such sorrows.

Hell, who am I kidding? I am going to take tomorrow off and relax…


My Dell Win2K box suffered a horrible death yesterday. Turns out the IS guys hooked up my 40 gig data drive to the wrong EIDE controller and the whole thing went FUBAR. Fried the controller and corrupted the hard drive. And since that drive had all my data on it, I am pretty upset. Makes the case for making backups religiously. My oldest backup was two weeks old – a lifetime when you consider all the work I did last week is lost now. And that means all the work I did for the GovGuam negotiations is lost. I’m pretty upset, but it could have been a lot worse.

On the other hand, what could I expect? Dell makes crummy computers, and the drive that went to the great digital heaven was a Western Digital. Another brand known for shoddy equipment. This is what comes from penny pinching. Lost work and down time for employees. “Dude, your getting a Dell.” Uh oh.