Daily Archives: 08/09/2002


I like Blogger. I really do. But I think I need something closer to what Eastgate makes, Tinderbox. Instead of creating blogs, Tinderbox focuses on creating and managing thoughts. The weblog feature of Tinderbox is almost an afterthought. What I really need is something to get a handle on the people, emails, projects, data and meetings I juggle during a typical day at work. It looks like Tinderbox would do that nicely.

But that only works on the Macintosh platform right now, and whether I like it or not, I spend most of my time on Windows 2000 boxes now at work. The Mac is a luxury I come home to in the evenings, but that is just not the most creative or alert time of my day. I just want to vegetate after a long day at work, watch a little TV or browse the web briefly. I don’t have the time or energy to devote to something like Tinderbox at home. And I often don’t remember thoughts or reminders eight hours after I wanted to write myself a little note about them. I am in information overload, like so many other people today.

Enter The Brain. This company makes a very slick product, similar to Tinderbox called the Personal Brain. I downloaded it today and I am going to give it a test drive at home. If I like it, I’ll probably install it on my machine at work so I can start to get a handle on the information I deal with everyday.


Well of course I stayed home today. And it is good. Slept late, ate a nice breakfast, read the paper, read a magazine, and I am doing several loads of laundry. Makes me realize how much I don’t like working.That 18 months off of work was a real enjoyable time for me. Except for the not having any money part. That sucked.

Anyway, if I get all my laundry and house cleaning done today I will have my entire weekend free and clear before me. That’s a real treat. I have some home improvement projects that I need to resolve, more on those when they are finished. I think I will enjoy the results.