Daily Archives: 08/10/2002


Did I mention the e. coli? Guam’s water supply has been in jeopardy because of the typhoon. The low water pressure caused by the loss of electricity at the pump houses allowed fecal coliform bacteria to slip into the public water supply. Most of the island remains under a boil water notice.

Even worse, several local bottled water vendors tested positive for e. coli, including the water vendor that my office uses. I don’t want dysentary, and I certainly don’t want cholera. Been drinking a lot of beer, it’s as good a reason as any to drink.


For the past week, the relics of a saint toured the island of Guam. The remains of St. Therese of Liseaux, known at the Little Flower, visited churches throughout the island. St. Therese was a Carmelite nun, so the sisters at the Carmelite mission on Guam actually came out of their cloister to attend mass. The last time that happened was 1981, when Pope John Paul II celebrated mass in Agana. The Little Flower is a very popular saint among Catholics worldwide, and many find inspiration in her example.


Tonight I plan on staying up late – or getting up very early. Probably very early.
The Perseid meteor shower should be reaching its culmination in the early morning hours of Sunday morning. I could also do this on Monday morning, but it’s just better to get up on Sunday morning. The weather has been pretty clear the last few days, so I am hoping for clear skies. It seems like every year Guam is in a great position for the Leonid meteor showers, but the weather is just atrocious in November. Constant rain and overcast skies. I am hoping to get a good look at the meteors tomorrow morning.


Hit Phu’s Place again last night. Only stayed a couple hours though. Met the boys from work and pulled numbers for the Fantasy Football Draft. I’ve never played fantasy football before, but I will hold my own with this group of guys. I need to spend some time putting together a draft order and game plan before the August 24 draft date.

Saw Fred Peters briefly. That dude has been scarce for the longest time. Turns out he was on the annual summer tour of Southeast Asia. I guess now that school is back in session he’s back to work at St. John’s.

I left Phu’s early and went to Cost-U-Less. My refrigerator has been empty since the typhoon. Yesterday I was scrounging around for something to eat for lunch. I fell back on canned soup, but that is not my first choice for steady meals. So Cost-U-Less is a couple hundred dollars richer today, and my fridge is full of vegetables, meats, cheeses, butter, spices and condiments. I will feast tonight. I bought some nice steaks from the meat department.