Daily Archives: 08/12/2002


Rained again this morning. I actually stayed up until 4:30 this morning. It started raining a little after midnight and it was still going strong when I finally hit the sack. Funny how the sun was shining when I went into work a three hours later.

Oh work. Bastion of numerous insurmountable projects with looming deadlines. What the hell! Toss on a couple more must do assignments onto my pile. I used to call it a burden, now I call it job security. I am going to install that Personal Brain software on my machine at work though. I must do something to manage all the myriad tasks I juggle daily. I tried messing with the Brain software over the weekend and it looks like something I can test drive.

Came home this evening to frustration. My air conditioner was dripping last night. Tonight it was a damn waterfall. A little ingenuity solved the problem though. The drainage hose was blocked so after struggling from the inside of the house I retreated outside. I pulled the hose out of the drain pipe, turned on my garden hose, and shot a blast of water up the drainage hose. That cleared it right out and now I am happy again.

My landlady took off this morning for a week in Chu’uk diving with the Blue Lagoon Dive Shop. This is the third trip this year, researching and diving in conjunction with her book on the history of Truk Lagoon. She left me with a couple chores to do in her absence, mostly dog or book related. I don’t mind, I get a great deal on the rent in return. We have a symbiotic relationship.