Daily Archives: 08/14/2002


Oh, I had some tasty SPAM for dinner. SPAM stir fry with tomatoes, zucchini, onions and mushrooms. That was real tasty on rice with some great finadeni. Yum.

I think I mentioned I love food. Even SPAM on occasion.


Cracked a tough nut in Excel this evening. Arrays powerful things, but the sorcery behind the formulas befuddles me at times. I struggled for about two hours to nail one error that was tossing all my arrays into chaos. Turned out the problem lay in the VLOOKUP function that feeds data into a range, which is reference by the array. Took a while to track down that problem. I can go to sleep now and polish off the project first thing tomorrow at work. That is cool.


Mmm, that was some good eating. Ph�’s is a really good restaurant. I’ve been eating there for at least five years, and I love the food. Their fresh lumpia is excellent. Huong and Phuong are great cooks, and their brother Sang is a good waiter. I am never disappointed with their food.

I noticed that I am writing about restaurants a great deal. Hmm, maybe I eat out too much. Or maybe I just love to eat. I will endeavour to write about other topics in the future though.


My father always said “hard work and honest effort were there own rewards.” He repeated it like clockwork when I was younger, along with “tell all your troubles to Jesus, he will listen to you.” Two regular bits of wisdom from my dad, along with his financial advice: Buy Tootsie Roll stock.