My Psion was acting up yesterday. I really enjoy the little PDA, it’s really more of a palm sized computer than a PDA, but it can be tempermental. The backup battery peetered out yesterday afternoon, leaving me in a lurch during a meeting. The Psion completely froze and then refused to power up. Even whenI plugged in the power adapter it was acting erratic. I ended up wiping the internal memory of the little fella, then rebuilding from a backup.

Speaking of backups, I sorely need to backup all the data on my computer at work. I lost everything a couple weeks ago and the only thing that saved my ass were the regular backups I performed. Even those weren’t enough though, my data was a couple weeks old at that point and I lost almost all the GovGuam negotiation files I created. I am still trying to recreate what I lost, data updates, spreadsheets, memos. I think most of it has been replaced, so now is the time for a new backup. Guess I’ll be working late tonight finishing up that task.