Just got off the phone with a fellow in New Jersey. After we concluded our business, out came the usual “What time is it there?” questions. Some people are just bamboozled by the fact that our planet is round. And I live on the other side of it from the United States. Think Japan when you talk to somebody in Guam, we share the same time zone with Tokyo for half the year.

At least this guy called at a reasonable hour. Seems like most folks I deal with back there like to call during the middle of the night on Guam. The usual culprits are telephone operators at mail order outfits. They call during a convenient time for them, like 3:30 am Guam time. I once got a call from the vice president of a software company I was evaluating to replace some legacy systems. He called at 1:30 in the morning. Needless to say they didn’t get the sale on that system. One of the small tribulations of living on Guam.