Daily Archives: 08/22/2002


For some reason I stayed late at the office yesterday. I had some tasks to finish up before this morning and I didn’t get home until after 7:00 pm. About par for the course actually. I watched Resident Evil on the DVD, then read some more of Derek Freeman’s book, Margaret Mead and Samoa. His central tenet, that Mead’s analysis of Samoan teenagers in Coming of Age in Samoa was inherently flawed, certainly has merit. I know several Samoans, and they all agree that Mead got it totally wrong.

It’s funny, I generally seem to have a book that takes me a while to read; I’ve been working on this Mead book since the beginning of July. Since then, I completed at least three other books and started a fourth. I consider those books as taking a break from the serious book. I can usually polish one off in a day or two, while the more serious work takes a month or two. It was the same way with the Seven Storey Mountain. That book took me three months to read and I read four others during the same time frame.

To finish off this train, I keep a list of what I read this year (or is on deck to be read). It can be found here.