Daily Archives: 08/24/2002


Post layoff analysis…

All the managers that survived yesterday took a pay cut. My boss made it clear that more of the supervisory stuff would be falling on me know that he has four times as many people to command. In a way I think this is kind of cool. While I certainly feel sorry for those that lost their jobs yesterday, facts are times are tough on Guam right now. And looking at it, they kept all the people that are actually doing all the work. I can positively say that a couple of the folks let go on Friday were total dead wood that should have been let go years ago. One of the women let go yesterday served absolutely no purpose in the company, none. She collected a paycheck and sat in her nice office doing nothing all day.

On a lighter note, I sat through my first fantasy football draft this morning. I signed up with a bunch of other guys that do this thing yearly. Time for me to give it a go. I more than vindicated myself in the draft, signing up a well balanced roster of guys that should do me proud as the season progresses.

After the draft I went to the movies with a friend and checked out Signs with Mel Gibson. Pretty good flick, though I was a expecting an alien invasion movie. It was, but the movie wasn’t about aliens at all, it was about God. And faith. The Lord works in mysterious ways – that’s what this movie was about. I thought the ending was weaker too. But all in all, it was an enjoyable way to pass the afternoon.