Daily Archives: 08/27/2002


I don’t know how to process it. This summer has been awash in kidnappings and brutal slaying of young girls by psychopaths and homeless. Is there a plague of demons this summer, or is this just the latest media frenzy? Last summer it seemed like every week the media was reporting a new shark attack, this year every week brings another abduction or murder. Some part of me suspects a purpose in these reports, like drumming up support for those new implantable identification tags. But that is simply too fantastical to believe.


Oh that’s better. I closed off the vent into this room. It’s getting a little stuffy, but it sure ain’t cold anymore!


Good God. Last week it was stifling in this building, today I am freezing. Positively freezing. I guess all the rain and cool temperatures outside have something to do with it. I sure wish I was wearing a sweatshirt or something right now.

I finally located my date book/planner yesterday in a box. It got misplaced during last month’s move. A quick review of the past couple weeks brought up several birthdays and anniversaries I missed. So today a batch of belated greeting cards is going out. My mistake. I apologize to everyone. It won’t happen again – I put all the dates into my Psion so it won’t happen again. Every relative, every friend, every wedding and anniversary is now recorded.

Funny how I can have multiple computers, scheduling programs, pda’s, and a desk calendar; yet still miss birthdays. Clueless I guess.