Daily Archives: 08/28/2002


Just downloaded Mozilla 1.1 for my Dell and my Mac. Looks good. My hats off to the volunteers in this project.

And let me say that this ergonomic keyboard on my Dell just sucks.


Just finished up my lunch with this tasty new hot sauce I stumbled upon: Emeril’s Kick It Up Green Pepper Sauce. Basically it’s the same thing as Tabasco’s Green Pepper Sauce. Both are made from jalape�os and are more zesty than hot. Justs adds a little zip to anything you put it on.

I like hot sauces, most everything I eat is flavored with either Tabasco or some other hot sauce. My current favorites are from Dave’s. Dave’s Insanity Sauce is one righteous hot sauce. I generally have a number of hot sauces going at one time. A really hot one like Dave’s Insanity Sauce, Tabasco, and a milder one, usually a chipotle sauce like Mo’ Hotta Mo’ Betta’s Chipotle Adobo Sauce or the jalape�o sauce I originally mentioned. I love the stuff on pizza.

A couple weeks ago I came across another hot sauce I need to add to my collection, Quest for Fire Hot Sauce. I would actually call this sauce a marinade or bbq sauce. I think I need to get a jar and marinade some short ribs in this wondrous concoction. A good smoky flavor, with just a bit of lip smacking heat.

God, I’m getting hungry again!


The singer William Warfield died on Sunday in Chicago. He was probably best known for singing “Old Man River” from Show Boat. At least to me. He also defined the title role in Porgy and Bess, had a successful opera career and was a professor of music at Northwestern. He was 82. Seems like the radio has been alive with his music the past couple days. It is a rousing thing to listen to William Warfield singing Aaron Copeland’s version of “Simple Gifts.”