Daily Archives: 08/29/2002


As promised, I found information on a NASA website concerning lightning rates. They got a satellite that measures this stuff. There appears to be a strong correlation between upward convection and lightning flashes. And climatic activity over the oceans is markedly lacking in this upward convection. Hence I am not crazy, lightning really does flash more rarely on Guam than on the mainland.

Why the sudden upsurge in lightning around Guam? That’s a mystery to me still.


Lightning and thunder. Again today the lightning and thunder. It is very unusual for Guam to get so much lightning. This unusual weather started almost two weeks ago. It rarely thunders on Guam, even during the height of rainy season. Some unusual atmospheric conditions must be to blame. I am going to search about on the internet and see if I can get an answer to this question. Or perhaps I will seek the answer to the question’s opposite: Why is there usually so little lightning and thunder on Guam.


I downgraded to Mozilla 1.0 after a couple hours last night. The program just wouldn’t close properly. Everytime I tried to exit the Mozilla it would close, but when I tried to restart the program I got nowhere. A quick look in the task manager revealed that Mozilla was still running behind the scenes. Trying to close this faceless incarnation of Mozilla resulted in a blue screen of death. Once, twice, three times and I was tired of that behavior. I uninstalled 1.1 and reinstalled 1.0. Sometimes it’s just better to ride behind the curve.

Today is another gloomy, wet and depressing day on Guam. I know this is the rainy season, but I am tired of the rain. I crave the sun, I want an absence of mud and mold and puddles. I feel like I am living in Seattle or something.