Monthly Archives: September 2002


Just returned from an amazing meal at Maggiano’s. Wow – that meal shamed me. I couldn’t finish half of the food that was placed before me. It was just excellent Italian food, washed down with a black & tan. It’s useless to even ask for a black & tan on Guam, so I better start ordering more of those. I’m only back here for a short while. And talk about a small world. The manager of the restaurant is the ex-wife of the president of our company back on Guam. I knew she left Guam and moved to the Mainland, but what were the chances of running into her?

I certainly got my fill of tasty food this trip. Last night’s dinner was at this little taco place called Rubio’s; it was very tasty and cheap. Mahi fish tacos and grilled chicken fajitas for only $6. I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating there again.

I certainly haven’t lost any weight on this trip, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow we move from this hotel to another one in Cypress, about twenty minutes up the road. After we check in at that hotel, we’re going to the Angels game against the Mariners. I can’t remember the last time I went to a baseball game, so I should have a good time. Maybe I’ll rush the first base coach if I get bored.


My eye’s are opened.

I visited several offices this week here in Orange County. I don’t think any of them would qualify as out of the ordinary set ups or especially cash-rich companies. But what I have seen is humbling. When I compare the office on Guam with what exists here in the states, I am awed. The layout of the offices, the building, the furniture, the lounges, the private offices, the conference rooms; everything is really nice. Guam is a red-headed stepchild to the rest of the company. And these people all seem to enjoy their jobs and where they work. I face each morning at work with a sense of dread. That’s not good for my professional development, the company I work for, or even my health in the long run.

I guess the upshot of this is, I want to get a job back here on the Mainland now. I feel like I am missing so much living on that island.


This afternoon is free time. I think I will explore the vast wasteland of Orange County. It’s a good time to make some phone calls too.

Luckily I got radioparadise to work via the hotel room’s cable modem. Cool.


Almost a week in LA now. My feelings towards this gigantic megalopolis, this warren of streets and urban sprawl; well I like it. Perhaps I am being shallow, but the weather is great, the women are all beautiful, there is so much too do and so many places to go. I am amazed. There isn’t enough time in the evenings to see everything I want to see. I work all day like crazy, which is cool too. Lots to do, learning a lot about our Sybase implementation and the data model. Good stuff.

Of course what really sucks is spending all day in these courses, then working at night to help out the guys back on Guam. It’s nearly midnight here, but it’s only going on five in the afternoon on Guam. So I have a ton of email to read, and chores to accomplish for those guys back on the island.

Oh yeah, found the hot tub at this Marriot yesterday. That was a very good thing. Very good.


Wow. I thought I had the jet lag licked after two days on the West Coast. But I slept late this morning and when I got back this evening I needed a nap something fierce. I slept for about a half hour back here at the hotel and it was good.


It’s a close game today in the fantasy football league, but I think I just might have a win. I still have Michael Vick playing in my game, and my opponent only has Corey Dillon. Both our players are going head to head in the evening NFL game. We are tied right now, but I am sure Vick will post great numbers against Cincinnati. And Dillon will get shut down by Atlanta’s defense. And if I win, that makes me the only undefeated team in our league. Rookie’s luck I guess.

OHOO! And Vick just tossed another touchdown pass! That puts me in the lead!


So on the way here I stopped over in Hawaii for about 8 hours. This gave me a chance to hook up with an old college buddy, Brian, who manages a hotel in Waikiki. He picked us up from the airport and we drove to Waikiki. He took us to his hotel on the beach to pass the hours. We checked out the hotel and the room Brian had for the weekend, a penthouse suite on the 38th floor.

When I mentioned that I’d like to take a shower and change my clothes, he replied “Yeah dude, you’re pretty ripe.” Well those were the wet clothes I wore on Friday in Guam, after 16 hours on the plane. No excuses there. Problem was all my clothes were in the checked baggage at the airport. A quick discussion led us to the ABC store right outside the door of the hotel. I went looking for shorts and a t-shirt. Found the shorts no problem, but when I was looking for a shirt, the woman working the store stepped up and gave me the stink eye. “We only have shirts to XL,” she said as she gave me a sidelong look. “I got some XXL over here though.” I’m not too proud to be offended. Hell, I’m a big boy, let’s face it. I found a reasonable shirt and took it to the checkout, along with my shorts. At least a XXL is large on me still. My travelling companion Chris didn’t even bother to get a shirt, though he was just as stinky as me. When I asked him about it, he said that XXL is just too small on him now. Wow, now that’s big.

Oh, I think I got the problem figured out. The one where I can’t post to this web log, or login to a variety of sites. The machine is set with the wrong date and time for California, and the browser is not accepting cookies. Unfortunately I cannot change this right now. I am not set up as an administrator on this machine. I need to call the IS guys back on Guam and get the password to make that change to my user rights. Then I will be okay.

I woke up about three hours ago – not too bad after only one day back on the Mainland. Tomorrow I should be okay during our training.


It’s almost 10:00 pm here in California, and I am weary. Again. The trip threw my internal clocks into chaos and I don’t know if I want to sleep or stay up. I tried to sleep this afternoon, but it was useless. Hopefully I will adjust in the next day or two and then be fine. That’s the main reason I came here a couple days early – to adjust myself and get settled in.


I arrived in LA last night after 24 hours of travel. I was wiped out last night and slept late today. Now I am watching live college football on the television, something I ain’t done in ten years.

Obviously the hotel has internet access, that’s pretty cool. It gives me the chance to stay on top of things back home and stay in contact with family and friends. And I can keep posting to the blog with no interuption.

I left Guam on Friday evening and arrived in Hawaii on Friday morning. Since I had an eight hour layover, I essentially got a free day in Hawaii. I called up a college buddy and he took us to his hotel in Waikiki. We spent the day out by the pool, drinking beers, talking story, and watching the folks down on the beach below us. It was a good visit, though I wish I could meet his wife and their new baby. Oh well, next time I get to Hawaii I’ll make it a longer stay.

I got into to LA at 1:00 a.m. Saturday. Since it was too late to pick up the rental, we took a shuttle bus down to the heart of Orange County, where I am sitting right now. My partner left a short while ago to fetch the rental car. I hope he makes it back soon; I am pretty hungry after two days of crummy airline food. I need to eat…


The rain started falling last night, and it will not stop. Not a slow gentle rain, but a driving, blinding downpour. I am glad to be leaving in a few hours for sunny California. Of course I am soaked to the bone right now, and I’ll be wearing these soggy clothes for the next 25 hours, which is not a pleasant prospect for me. But I’ll survive.

Last night was a fine sendoff with my friends. The dinner was excellent, comprised of the bounty of the sea; broiled swordfish, blackened ahi tuna, sashimi, fresh bread, kang kong and other goodies. The company was excellent, and the conversation was broad and interesting. The only problem; once I came upstairs and starting getting serious about packing I was exhausted. Instead of packing and preparing, I went to sleep until about four this morning. Ah, it all turned out all right in the end, but I was busy this morning with my chores. The rain didn’t help any either.


Just booked a car and hotel in St. Louis for the last leg of my journey. My parents offered to let me crash at their place, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to be hanging out at the old folks home with them. I just got a motel room instead, conveniently close to the Borders and Old Navy franchises. I think I’ll be spending a good deal of time at those places in a couple weeks.


I watched Frailty last night. Wow, an utterly believable horror movie. Bill Paxton directed and starred in this film, and he gets an amazing performance from Matt O’Leary, playing his teenage son, Fenton.

Now if I could just finish Dr. Zhivago…

I need to pack tonight, and a host of other chores. I suspect I will be up most of the night. Thank God for coffee.


The PDN ran a story today on blogging. It was just a wire feed from Gannett on the lifestyle pages, and it wasn’t terribly informative. Still it was interesting to come across something like that in the Guam newspaper.


Two days until I fly off into the blue nowhere, riding in an uncomfortable coach seat. Oh well. I tried and tried, but got nothing for my troubles. Next time I fly Continental and upgrade to business first.

Pulled out my luggage this morning. Some of it will be mostly empty, since I plan on buying a suit or two while in the states, plenty of shirts and slacks and such stuff. At least I can upgrade my wardrobe with no difficulty.

So much to do and only three days of work left to do it. I got a lot of work to finish up before we go.

That radio paradise web radio is really cool. I can’t stop listening to it.


The winds returned promptly at six this evening. The brutal heat and stillness of the day faded into a cool tradewind, blowing steadily from the east, scudding silver clouds along beneath a brilliant half moon. We ate outside tonight, the first time in a couple months. It was good. The night was good.