Daily Archives: 09/03/2002


I tried some Tabasco Chilpotle hot sauce tonight with my dinner. Tasty stuff. I’m going to search for my own bottle next time I go shopping. It’s got a good smoky flavor and a little bit of heat.

I got a good story here: I frequently get pelted with computer questions at work by fellow employees. I am known as the ‘computer guy’ by a fair number of the non-technical staff. They ask me questions about their home computers, usually stuff like “My modem doesn’t work, what should I do?” Like I have any idea. I usually offer some vague suggestions; “Reinstall the drivers,” or “Check that the phone line is plugged into the modem.” My general advice is to take the computer in to the shop if they don’t know what their doing.

So today I walked in on a discussion between two dental assistants. I was immediately consulted, “Ask Tom, he’ll know.”

I looked over and saw one of the guys going through the yellow pages. “What will I know?” I asked.

My co-worker looked up. “I need to find somebody that sells virtual machines,” he said.

I looked at him askance, “A what? A virtual machine?”

“Yeah. I was on the computer last night and the internet said I needed a ‘Java Virtual Machine’ installed in my computer. Do you know anybody on island that sells them?”

Boy, where to begin with that one? I explained that a virtual machine was not hardware, it was software, it was free, and he had to download it from the internet. He just looked at me increduously, “You mean you can do that?” he asked. Yep, free as in beer my buddy.

I got up to leave and he asked one more question, “What about this ‘Flash’ stuff? Do I need that too?”


Scored a tasty lunch for free at the GPO food court. A little side bet placed at work this morning panned out, and I got my choice of lunch at any of the restaurants in the food court. I chose the Mongolian BBQ – my favorite eatery in the whole place. I love that stuff.


I watched a good movie last night called Heartbreakers. It starred Sigourney Weaver and that Jennifer Love Hewitt as mother/daughter grifters, who marry men and bilk them out of large sums of cash. I wasn’t expecting much from the movie, in fact I consciously avoided picking it from the local video store on a number of occassions. But yesterday I couldn’t find anything at the video store that interested me, so I picked it up by default. What a surprise. It was damn funny, with good performances from Weaver and Gene Hackman as her mark. And Ray Liotta really steals the last half hour of the film. Definitely a windfall for a toss away rental on a Monday night.