Daily Archives: 09/04/2002


I tried to stop in at the Post Office during my lunch and I was aghast at the line. I counted 60 people standing in line, and only one postal employee manning the counter. Sheesh, that’s not good customer service. And people wonder why postal employees go berserk, I’m sure that poor guy was stressed to the max dealing with all those people.


If I’m going to continue with this blog, I should probably start customizing the page. I need to add some or all of the following;

  • About Pages
  • Reading lists
  • Movie Watch List
  • Updated Favorite Links
  • Figure out how to create an RSS feed in blogger
  • Figure out how to subscribe to other RSS feeds through blogger

If blogger can’t help me, maybe I need to switch to another web log software. I download Radio Userland, and the idea of creating a Radio blog on Salon is intriguing. Perhaps I need to follow up on that possibility.
Another idea I’m batting about right now is using TinderBox to create something on my netpci account. I downloaded the software for TinderBox, but I found it daunting to master. I need some quality time along with that software to figure out what’s going on. But it certainly looks promising.