Daily Archives: 09/05/2002


I’ll make it brief.

I attempted to place blogger onto my netpci site again this evening, and again I met with defeat. Something is up with the ftp server at netpci.

Tore a hole in my shirt today at work. Comes from working in that damn hovel that is my temporary office. Nails and electric wires are literally sticking out of the wall. Damn, it was a good shirt too.

Gotta go. I am watching this movie on DVD, and I paused it when my dinner was ready on the stove.


I stopped at the Hag�t�a Post Office this morning during my commute. Looks like the magazine shipment arrived. Ever since 9/11, federal regulations prohibit passenger flights from transporting mail. This severely impacted Guam since Continental carried all the mail. The USPS signed a contract for a 727 cargo plane to make the daily run, but the company was unable to keep up with the load. A new carrier signed on a few weeks ago, but the flights are twice a week now. The mail is backed up on both sides of the run, here on Guam and in Hawaii. Express and Priority mail get top priority in the shipping, so parcel post and magazines dawdle in Hawaii for months before arriving on Guam. Yesterday I picked up a Rolling Stone from May, June and July, the last two issues of Outside, and three issues of MacWorld. I subscribe to National Geographic and Archaeology, but I ain’t seen an issue from either of them since February.

Needless to say, I got a lot of catching up to do tonight when I get home.


There was a shaker this morning that got me up quickly. Only a magnitude 4.3 though, just a quick jolt then back to normal.