Daily Archives: 09/08/2002


The election results are in.

  • Madeleine Bordallo (D) will face Joe Ada (R) in the race for Guam’s only Congressional seat
  • The team of Bob Underwood and Tom Ada (D) will square off against Felix Camacho and Kaleo Moylan (R) in the gubernatorial race
  • The winnowing of candidates for the Guam Legislature is still ongoing; only 49 of 72 districts tabulated


Yesterday was the primary for this fall’s elections. A lot is on the line, with the gubernatorial race, local senators, and the house delegate seat all up for grabs. Results can be found here.

1998’s elections were hotly disputed, eventually going before the US Supreme Court to decide the winner of the gubernatorial race. One of the culprits for that election’s confusion was the combined ballot, with house, local senate, and gubernatorial races all on a single ballot. Several thousand people voted for local senators but left the governor’s race blank and were counted as blanks. This left the winning candidate with less than 50% of the total votes. Guam’s Organic Act, the law incorporating the island’s government, states that the winner of the election is the candidate with the majority of the votes cast. The case went before the US 9th district court, and eventually the US Supreme Court.

I was not surprised to find three different ballots at this year’s election, to rectify any confusion caused in the last election. Regrettably, the Guam Election Commission decided to print all three ballots on the same size and type of paper, leading to confusion and possible miscounting. This slowed the tabulation at UOG.