Daily Archives: 09/09/2002


Last night I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with some friends. The main attraction was tenderloin beef. I can’t remember the last time I had a steak that tasted so good. And the salad was divine, dressed in a shoyu/lemon concoction from Japan. Very delicious. I contributed fresh baked pesto bread, direct from my bread machine. It was a very good meal, accompanied by an excellent cabernet. The dessert was light and refreshing, grapes and strawberries from the farmer’s market. And the conversation was excellent, with plenty to discuss; the election, the foundering test scores at Guam’s schools, scuba diving, and upcoming trips the lot of us are planning to make. A very good meal indeed.


It’s pretty easy to see that fantasy football is big business on the web. Leagues of armchair coaches around the United States devote an immense amount of time and effort in the maintenance of their teams. I decided to check it out this year, and it is mildly interesting. I guess a true devotee of the NFL is in heaven with these fantasy leagues. More stats than you can shake a stick at. And that’s just for football. Fantasy leagues thrive for baseball, basketball, even hockey. These things existed before the web, but the proliferation of the internet made it manifestly easier to manage a league, and all the information needed to make intelligent decisions about teams and players.

I was talking with a friend today about this phenomenon. He put it succintly; it’s a way for guys to avoid dealing with their wives. That struck me as a profoundly sad statement, but I could feel the veracity of what he said.


Well my first week line-up in fantasy football is currently losing to my opponent this week, 82-80. However, his players are finished for the week, and my defense is playing in the Monday night game. The defensive scoring includes fumbles, interceptions and sacks in addition to safeties and touchdowns and special teams scoring, so I can tentatively state that I will be winning my first outing in fantasy football land. I only need a sack, fumble or interception to tie; one of each and I win.

Next week however, looks to be a difficult matchup. The team to beat this season. Thank God I only play him once all season.