Daily Archives: 09/10/2002


Last night I watched an enjoyable little ghost movie, The Others with Nicole Kidman. Good for a scare or two, but I could see what was going to happen pretty early on. Still it was a good way to kill a couple hours.


An interesting story about the Grateful Dead and Deadheads at Slate today. I like the Grateful Dead and their music, but the story does make a good point. I was always a little put off by the forced bliss at concerts and how it almost seemed like a ritual. A rather fossilized ritual in fact.


The first week is over in fantasy football, and my team did me proud. I outscored 10 of the teams in our 12 team league. Victory is sweet, especially since most of my comrades are firm believers in trash talk and mocked me several times. Hah! Vindication…


There’s an interesting piece on Salon today about this movie Max that portrays Hitler as a frustrated artist in 1918. It is already drawing fire from commentators and Jewish groups, calling the piece an obscenity for showing a human side to Hitler. It sounds fascinating, a film that challenges conceptions and opinions. Just the sort of thing that will never be shown or achieve mass appeal. I can avow that this movie will never be shown on Guam. Never.

I found this quote interesting. “There is a tendency among some conservatives to talk about figures like Hitler and bin Laden as beyond human understanding, as a dark force that just sprang full-born into the world. “Max” shows that evil has nuances — it doesn’t just emerge in its full nightmarish quality instantly, it develops day by day, it has its own evolution. That makes it more horrific.”

Curious thing though, this rabid demonization of Hitler and the Nazi’s. Certainly they were evil and perverted, but they were humans once. Some kernel of humanity must exist in their stories. I’ve seen war movies featuring Japan as the enemy, and several of these films depict the Japanese in a favorable light. Why is this taboo for the Nazi’s? Some societal undercurrent is at play here, I need to think it through some more.