Daily Archives: 09/12/2002


Just finished another DVD, Cast Away with Tom Hanks. I like the somber mood of the film, the fact that his life on the island isn’t glamorized or cheapened (no battles with sharks, no headhunters, no Gilligan’s Island tomfoolery). Just a man struggling to survive in maddening solitude. Utterly alone.


Just got out of a meeting with a couple of the new “mega” managers at Pacificare. It’s funny. Listening to these people bitch about the crud and lousy systems in place in their new departments. It was almost funny to hear this one guy belly-aching about the humongous accounts receivable that he inherited in his new department. I was like “Duh, I’ve been saying this for a year and nobody was listening to me.” Then he moved on to the IT systems and he immediately hit the nail on the head again. Welcome to my world buddy.


I eat my words. The upgrade is not a possibility and I am ticked off at the way it was handled.

Here’s the deal. The “executive administrative assistant” at work booked these tickets on Northwest over the internet instead of using a real travel agency on Guam. I guess it was her thought to save some dollars. Well in the course of trying to get my upgrade this morning, I discovered that the ticket was only reserved, it hadn’t been purchased yet. Turns out she supplied the wrong address for the corporate credit card and it didn’t process correctly. So I had to spend hours on the phone this morning to fix the situation and get the tickets issued. She certainly couldn’t be bothered to do her job, especially since the plan president is off island. Since she reports directly to him, she doesn’t even bother to come into work when he’s not around.

So I finally got the ticket issued, that was step one. Step two involved calling Continental to get the upgrade since I accrue my miles on Continental’s OnePass program. That turned into another half hour on the phone before finding out that my fare was not upgradeable. So another call to Northwest, another 20 minutes on the phone, another $271 and the fare is now upgradeable.

Called Continental again. Now all available upgrade seats are taken. None are left on any leg of the journey except the 3 hour flight from Guam to Narita. ARGHHH!!! So it looks like I will be sitting in a damn coach seat for my trip. Though the rep at Continental said to call again tomorrow and hope for the best. Great, just great.


Trying to upgrade my flight next week on Northwest . Of course this involves several hours on hold.

But it went through. Oh yeah. Big seat heaven on a 17 hour flight. I will enjoy that.