Daily Archives: 09/13/2002


Busy weekend on tap.

  • Hiking tomorrow. The Boonie Stompers are heading to Maguagua Falls, a favorite of mine.
  • Heavy duty cleaning/laundry on tap back home for the entire weekend. Got to clean the house before I leave, and make sure I got enough clean clothes to last four weeks on the road. Should also cut the grass and power wash the lanai. That’s a lot of work too.
  • Guam’s 2nd incarnation of Fray Day starts at 6:30 pm Saturday at UOG’s English Department Atrium. I think I will head over and check it out. Maybe I’ll even tell a story…
  • I got the urge to ride my bike this weekend too. I got this idea that I should start cycling to work again, so it might be a good idea to get back in the saddle this weekend.
  • If I don’t bike on Sunday, I’ll probably head to Tarzan Falls in the morning. Stretch the legs and all that jazz.
  • I really want to finish Dr. Zhivago this weekend too. One less book to bring along.

Any other ideas? Email me and let me know.