Daily Archives: 09/14/2002


Didn’t make the hike this morning. I walked to Pago Bay from my house to watch the launching of canoes for the “Northern Passage” around Guam. The scheduled start of this race was 7:30 am – when I turned around and headed for home at 8:15 the canoes were still on the beach. There was not a great deal of activity going on either. Typical Guam paddling event. That’s one of the main reasons my paddling has fallen by the wayside; the races and other events are just pathetic. I am sure they started eventually, but I didn’t care to stand around for another 45 minutes waiting for them to get their act together.

I had to check my network settings this morning. The Dell lost connection with the router overnight. Damned if I know why. Anyway, I just finished cleaning the bedroom; time to start on the bathroom after my little break is over.