Daily Archives: 09/15/2002


Since I am chained to my Dell enjoying this audio feed, I guess I’ll make some comments on the blogging experience. I’ve been doing it for several months now, and I think I am going to upgrade to Blogger Pro once I get back to Guam in October. Looking at the past few months of blogging, I can say it has prompted me to use the Dell more often, and Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla. Call me a minority or elitist, but I purposely avoided using Internet Explorer as my browser – I used Mozilla and another Gecko based browser called K-Meleon almost exclusively on this machine. I still use Mozilla daily; both on my Mac and this PC, but Internet Explorer honestly has more to offer. Oddpost is very cool, and it only works on IE 5 and above on Windows. Userland’s Radio, Blogger, and LiveJournal all present richer editing interfaces through Internet Explorer. So I am grudgingly using the application instead of Mozilla. And what really surpises me is how much I am enjoying it. I am being corrupted by the dark side…


Ah Sunday night. Time to relax, turn on some jazz, cook a nice meal and steel myself for the hell that is Monday through Friday at work.

I was just checking out Scott Rosenberg’s blog on Salon and followed the link to Radio Paradise. Wow. I found something cool on the web – that’s a first! Music, music that never makes it on the radio on Guam. I am enthralled. The rise of the internet really made a difference in my life. Others can ignore it, but life on Guam is much richer than it used to be; all thanks to the internet. I definitely would not have lasted as long as I have on this island without access to the internet.


I am getting sick of television. This growing distaste follows in the footsteps of my loathing for radio. I only listen to public radio now. I never could stand talk radio, and top 40 has increasingly disenfranchised me. The ‘classic rock’ station favors speed metal now, and the easy listening stuff caters to catatonic fools. Now television has betrayed me; I find myself watching less and less of the crap being played. I get cable from my landlady’s feed, but I certainly wouldn’t miss it if she cancelled it. I kept telling myself that at least I could watch sports, but I find sports programming worse than anything else. The insipid commercials, the inane chatter, I can’t stand any of it.