Daily Archives: 09/16/2002


The winds returned promptly at six this evening. The brutal heat and stillness of the day faded into a cool tradewind, blowing steadily from the east, scudding silver clouds along beneath a brilliant half moon. We ate outside tonight, the first time in a couple months. It was good. The night was good.


Scored another win in the old fantasy football league again this week. Makes me one of two 2-0 teams in the league. And all those other guys talking smack. Look who’s on top of the standings now!


Tomorrow morning already. Listened to that web radio for several hours last night, and I am listening to it again right now.

Well, I am feeling pretty confident about week two in the fantasy football league. I am currently leading in my game, thanks in large part to the Patriots defense. And both my running backs don’t play until later this evening and tomorrow.

I just checked – the price of TinderBox, a Macintosh based personal knowledge management system, increased from $95 to $145. I intend to master that program eventually and use it extensively. The price increase irks me to no end though. Business can’t be that good. Oh well, I’ll keep my eyes open and hope the price drops again during a promotion.