Daily Archives: 09/18/2002


The PDN ran a story today on blogging. It was just a wire feed from Gannett on the lifestyle pages, and it wasn’t terribly informative. Still it was interesting to come across something like that in the Guam newspaper.


Two days until I fly off into the blue nowhere, riding in an uncomfortable coach seat. Oh well. I tried and tried, but got nothing for my troubles. Next time I fly Continental and upgrade to business first.

Pulled out my luggage this morning. Some of it will be mostly empty, since I plan on buying a suit or two while in the states, plenty of shirts and slacks and such stuff. At least I can upgrade my wardrobe with no difficulty.

So much to do and only three days of work left to do it. I got a lot of work to finish up before we go.

That radio paradise web radio is really cool. I can’t stop listening to it.