Daily Archives: 09/20/2002


The rain started falling last night, and it will not stop. Not a slow gentle rain, but a driving, blinding downpour. I am glad to be leaving in a few hours for sunny California. Of course I am soaked to the bone right now, and I’ll be wearing these soggy clothes for the next 25 hours, which is not a pleasant prospect for me. But I’ll survive.

Last night was a fine sendoff with my friends. The dinner was excellent, comprised of the bounty of the sea; broiled swordfish, blackened ahi tuna, sashimi, fresh bread, kang kong and other goodies. The company was excellent, and the conversation was broad and interesting. The only problem; once I came upstairs and starting getting serious about packing I was exhausted. Instead of packing and preparing, I went to sleep until about four this morning. Ah, it all turned out all right in the end, but I was busy this morning with my chores. The rain didn’t help any either.