Daily Archives: 09/23/2002


It’s a close game today in the fantasy football league, but I think I just might have a win. I still have Michael Vick playing in my game, and my opponent only has Corey Dillon. Both our players are going head to head in the evening NFL game. We are tied right now, but I am sure Vick will post great numbers against Cincinnati. And Dillon will get shut down by Atlanta’s defense. And if I win, that makes me the only undefeated team in our league. Rookie’s luck I guess.

OHOO! And Vick just tossed another touchdown pass! That puts me in the lead!


So on the way here I stopped over in Hawaii for about 8 hours. This gave me a chance to hook up with an old college buddy, Brian, who manages a hotel in Waikiki. He picked us up from the airport and we drove to Waikiki. He took us to his hotel on the beach to pass the hours. We checked out the hotel and the room Brian had for the weekend, a penthouse suite on the 38th floor.

When I mentioned that I’d like to take a shower and change my clothes, he replied “Yeah dude, you’re pretty ripe.” Well those were the wet clothes I wore on Friday in Guam, after 16 hours on the plane. No excuses there. Problem was all my clothes were in the checked baggage at the airport. A quick discussion led us to the ABC store right outside the door of the hotel. I went looking for shorts and a t-shirt. Found the shorts no problem, but when I was looking for a shirt, the woman working the store stepped up and gave me the stink eye. “We only have shirts to XL,” she said as she gave me a sidelong look. “I got some XXL over here though.” I’m not too proud to be offended. Hell, I’m a big boy, let’s face it. I found a reasonable shirt and took it to the checkout, along with my shorts. At least a XXL is large on me still. My travelling companion Chris didn’t even bother to get a shirt, though he was just as stinky as me. When I asked him about it, he said that XXL is just too small on him now. Wow, now that’s big.

Oh, I think I got the problem figured out. The one where I can’t post to this web log, or login to a variety of sites. The machine is set with the wrong date and time for California, and the browser is not accepting cookies. Unfortunately I cannot change this right now. I am not set up as an administrator on this machine. I need to call the IS guys back on Guam and get the password to make that change to my user rights. Then I will be okay.

I woke up about three hours ago – not too bad after only one day back on the Mainland. Tomorrow I should be okay during our training.