Daily Archives: 09/26/2002


Almost a week in LA now. My feelings towards this gigantic megalopolis, this warren of streets and urban sprawl; well I like it. Perhaps I am being shallow, but the weather is great, the women are all beautiful, there is so much too do and so many places to go. I am amazed. There isn’t enough time in the evenings to see everything I want to see. I work all day like crazy, which is cool too. Lots to do, learning a lot about our Sybase implementation and the data model. Good stuff.

Of course what really sucks is spending all day in these courses, then working at night to help out the guys back on Guam. It’s nearly midnight here, but it’s only going on five in the afternoon on Guam. So I have a ton of email to read, and chores to accomplish for those guys back on the island.

Oh yeah, found the hot tub at this Marriot yesterday. That was a very good thing. Very good.