Daily Archives: 09/28/2002


Just returned from an amazing meal at Maggiano’s. Wow – that meal shamed me. I couldn’t finish half of the food that was placed before me. It was just excellent Italian food, washed down with a black & tan. It’s useless to even ask for a black & tan on Guam, so I better start ordering more of those. I’m only back here for a short while. And talk about a small world. The manager of the restaurant is the ex-wife of the president of our company back on Guam. I knew she left Guam and moved to the Mainland, but what were the chances of running into her?

I certainly got my fill of tasty food this trip. Last night’s dinner was at this little taco place called Rubio’s; it was very tasty and cheap. Mahi fish tacos and grilled chicken fajitas for only $6. I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating there again.

I certainly haven’t lost any weight on this trip, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow we move from this hotel to another one in Cypress, about twenty minutes up the road. After we check in at that hotel, we’re going to the Angels game against the Mariners. I can’t remember the last time I went to a baseball game, so I should have a good time. Maybe I’ll rush the first base coach if I get bored.


My eye’s are opened.

I visited several offices this week here in Orange County. I don’t think any of them would qualify as out of the ordinary set ups or especially cash-rich companies. But what I have seen is humbling. When I compare the office on Guam with what exists here in the states, I am awed. The layout of the offices, the building, the furniture, the lounges, the private offices, the conference rooms; everything is really nice. Guam is a red-headed stepchild to the rest of the company. And these people all seem to enjoy their jobs and where they work. I face each morning at work with a sense of dread. That’s not good for my professional development, the company I work for, or even my health in the long run.

I guess the upshot of this is, I want to get a job back here on the Mainland now. I feel like I am missing so much living on that island.