Daily Archives: 10/12/2002


I returned from a long journey yesterday evening. I enjoyed myself on the trip, that I can’t deny. But nothing compares to the feeling of coming home and flopping into your own bed at night. I am glad to be back home, even though it is messy and cluttered. It’s my place, a reflection of me.

The flights I took to get here were arduous. Next time I am flying Continental, and I am shooting for seat upgrades to Business First. That 12 hour flight from Los Angeles to Narita is just a killer. The last two hours I was going stir crazy on that airplane. My daggan was killing me in that seat. I hate flying coach, especially on those chock full flights that Northwest runs between Japan and the States. I’d rather take Continental and layover in Hawaii between 7 and 8 hour flights instead of the mammoth 14 hour run out of Japan. God that sucks.

And to add insult to injury, the return trip to Guam sucked up a week of vacation time. Two overnight layovers, one in Los Angeles and another in Narita. And both times I was too tired to go out and explore – I just took a shower and slept.