Daily Archives: 10/13/2002


I was out with some friends last night and I think we made the decision to go to Saipan next weekend. I vaguely recall making that decision. I hope it pans out, a little weekend get-away sounds good to me.

We ended up at this place called Casa last night. I used to frequent that bar in my younger days, but last night was the first time I’d been inside in six years. Still pretty much the same thing, with the same crowd. Only I am older now, and all the girls are younger.


I made reservations for Cairns, Australia yesterday. I wanted Bali, but the ticket dates were all wrong. Turns out it was a good thing. Bali has been wracked by explosions in the last 24 hours, all deliberate terrorist attacks. Dozens are dead, many more are injured. I never thought such a thing would happen in Bali, it is such a peaceful place.