Daily Archives: 10/15/2002


Last night was a bit off bar hopping with the usual cohorts. We finished up at Mac & Marti’s, a cigar bar in Tumon. It was my first visit to the place and I enjoyed it. I’ll be back for more. Probably on Wednesday actually.

I’m thinking about trying a new selection of bars and clubs from the old habits I’ve been in lately. Phu’s, Toy’s and Areebaba’s are all good places, but I am a little tired of the Thai girl bar scene. Mac & Marti’s, Trades, Santa Fe, and this new place called the Fishbowl are places I am more interested in. Basically all these places feature live music most nights, a relaxed atmosphere, and a bar that sells more than Miller Lite. On the downside, these places usually lack a pool table or dart board, favored diversions of mine.

Last night we all lamented the sad state of bars on Guam compared to the venerable Tahiti Rama and long defunct Signatures. Those were some good watering holes, with real character and many good times.


For the second week in a row, it looks like my fantasy football team is going down in defeat. That lets all the other mopes in the league catch up and join me in first place. Not cool. Especially since several of my key players are injured and my defense is falling apart. I might be fading heading into the middle of the season. Oh well, my dreams of fantasy glory is dwindling.