Daily Archives: 10/16/2002


Talked to the doctor this morning. I have tennis elbow. And it hurts. I need to go looking for some sort of strap to fasten to my elbow to put pressure on the tendon. I’ll try K-Mart at lunch and see if they have what I need. If not, then a trip to Cruz Pharmacy should set me up. Either way it’s going to be a while before the pain subsides. I was hoping for a shot or something to dull the pain.

After stopping to see the doctor, I paid a quick visit to our Optical department. My sunglasses lost their nose pad during my trip and I needed them repaired. I walked out of there with my sunglasses repaired, and an appointment for tomorrow afternoon with my eye doctor. It’s been a few years since my last visit, and I am curious to see what my vision is now. Since the LASIK surgery in ’99, I almost forget that I once wore glasses and sunk a large piece of cash into frames every year. Now my visits are occassional, yearly updates and the only glasses I concern myself with are sunglasses.