Daily Archives: 10/17/2002


I left work early yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well, and frankly I was worried for my health. I was all woozy and lightheaded, and my heart was racing like crazy. I suspect it was high blood pressure or something. I went home and laid down for about three hours, that cleared it up. Other suggested theories were fatigue or jet lag from the trip, but I suspect the high blood pressure thing. I hate to admit it, but I am in a state of very poor health. It upsets me because I have always been a relatively active fellow. Football, running, hiking, paddling and biking were some of the favorite activities of mine. But I fell into a cycle of despondency and sloth in mid-2000; I stopped paddling, I stopped running, I stopped biking, I found the hikers I was spending time with offensive, so I stopped hiking, and I begged off football because I wasn’t in the best shape and had no health insurance. All these things I stopped doing and I just slipped into bad health and increasingly worse shape. Now it’s been over two years since I stopped all that stuff and time is catching up with me. I need to rejoin these activities, but I keep procrastinating. Mostly because work sucks the life right out of me; I just want to come home and sleep at night, forget doing anything else. That is the crucial obstacle I need to overcome. More energy, more time.