Daily Archives: 10/18/2002


Well, yesterday was interesting. I visited the optometrist for the first time in almost three years. The verdict? My eyes are still 20/20 and in good shape. The optometrist was curious about the shape of my eye since the LASIK procedure I received in 1999. My record has charts taken at the time of the LASIK that showed my before and after tomographic maps of my eyes. He wanted to check how the current tomography of my eye has changed in the nearly four years since the procedure. Unfortunately, the interface between the tomographic scanner and the computer was not functioning correctly. He promised to have me back once the system is corrected and performing normally.

The final step in the appointment was dilation and a fundus examination. Basically he put numbing drops in my eyes to relax my iris and dilate my eyes wide open. (Just thinking about it right now is making my eyes water.) Once they were dilated fully, he was able to examine the interior of my eye for defects or retinal detachment. The actual examination took just a few minutes; the hard part was the 4 hours afterwards when I couldn’t see a damn thing because my eyes were so dilated. I ended up sitting in my office the rest of the afternoon with my sunglasses on, trying to focus on the monitor with little success. Luckily the effects were diminished by about 5:30 and I could safely drive home. I stayed a little later, just so I could avoid driving into the setting sun.